29 Apr

Pathway to Construction Scheme Has CSCS Blessing

CSCS backs apprentices’ scheme in partnership with the CCATF

CSCS approved image by Igor Kardasov (via Shutterstock).

Thanks to a deal between CSCS and CCATF, 35 apprentices could benefit from their work experience scheme. Image by Igor Kardasov (via Shutterstock).

Thirty-five apprentices could get their foot in the door thanks to CSCS’ endorsement of the Pathway to Construction scheme. Additional funding could see the 35 students being given an apprenticeship.

The CCATF (Cross-industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force) attracts a modest level of funding. £1,000 is allocated to each candidate, seeking a work trial or work experience that could lead to a paid job. The Pathway to Construction scheme offers another option for employers, who are reluctant to hire apprentices for two or three years. After up to ten weeks of work experience, employers could choose whether or not to hire the candidate as an apprentice.

On the CCATF website, CSCS Chief Executive Graham Wren said: “the agreement we have reached with CCATF to fund work experience for 35 students, simply and effectively underpins our view of the construction sector and its need for more skilled employees. With CSCS cards providing proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out, the synergy was clear.”

If you know somebody who is considering an apprenticeship in Workington and surrounding area, the Lakes College West Cumbria website is a good starting point. Their campus is on Lillyhall Business Park, not a million miles from where we are.

D and A Plumbing and Electrical Contractors, 29 April 2017.

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