24 Aug

The Great British Lego House Build Off

Lego building gets the Great British Bake Off style treatment

Lego House image by Mesk Photography (via Shutterstock).

Build it, and they will come: Channel Four’s GBBO style programme will be more than building little houses. Image by Mesk Photography (via Shutterstock).

We at D&A Services, on the rare occasion we ever get a rest from building extensions in Flimby, or a plumbing job in Egremont, like to watch the telly now and then. Sometimes it could be the odd episode of Pointless. Or the football (but none of us were up at stupid o’clock for the Carabao Cup draw). Channel Four, we have found today, has given Lego fans a Great British Bake Off style treatment.

Entitled Lego Masters, the programme aims to find the best Lego builders in the UK and Ireland. There will be eight teams. Tonight’s episode will see the eight teams trying to create “a spectacular brick banquet and at least one supersized masterpiece for the banquet table”. Yes, even for what could be an architecturally themed game show, food has to come into the equation.

For over sixty years, Lego has been a popular building toy. It has helped countless wannabe builders and architects to construct their dream homes or public buildings. We at D&A Services may have come across Lego, long before we worked with Accrington brick and Westmorland slate. Many sets have been passed onto younger family members due to their longevity.

The first episode of Lego Masters is on at 8pm on Channel Four. Or 9pm on Channel Four+1.

D and A Plumbing and Electrical Contractors, 24 August 2017.

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